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Car Will Not Start But Your Lights Still Come On?

If your Nissan won’t start but the lights still go on, then maybe your car needs its starter replaced. If you’re near the Houston area, then call now for immediate help.

Your Nissan Engine Won’t Turn Over But Still Has Power?

When it comes to car starter problems, it typically requires an engine diagnosis. From battery to ignition to starter, there are numerous components in an ignition system, so finding the right issue is of the utmost importance.

What is a Car Starter?

“A car starter is a powerful electric motor that cranks your engine in order to start your car. The starting system consists of the motor itself, and the attached solenoid. The solenoid is what takes battery power and delivers it to the starter motor. It also pushes the starter gear forward, allowing it to mesh with the gear teeth of the engine’s flywheel. A high current is needed to start your car, so your battery has to have enough “juice” to enable the car starting system to work properly. Most of the time, when a car won’t start and the battery is fully charged, the starter motor is to blame. Starters do wear out.” *


(*Quoted content is for informational purposes and does not represent an endorsement of quoted source.)

Car Engine Starter Issues – Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the specific points of car starter problems and replacement is not for everyone. Nevertheless, here are some of the frequently asked questions we get when a vehicle engine will not turn over yet still has power.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Car Starter?

As vehicle starter systems often vary from model to model, there is no price that we can quote for each model, and certainly not on behalf of every service center. When you call us, however, please be sure to have your vehicle make, model, year, and trim level available. Even so, it will need a diagnostic to provide an estimate.

What Noise Does a Broken Car Starter Make?

Typically, a faulty starter can make a variety of sounds. These can range from unmistakably loud clacking sounds to high-pitched screeching, or unwelcome grinding noises to irregular whirring. Even when the battery is fully powered, one may turn the key in the ignition and still hear warning sounds at all. This is normally because of the various components of a vehicle starter system.

How to Tell if Your Nissan Starter is Bad?

When checking to see if the Nissan car starter is needs to be replaced, every mechanic, factory-certified or not, should begin with a battery test. Typically speaking, batteries need replacement far more often than your Nissan engine starter needs to be replaced. This is easily done with a load tester or battery multimeter. If it’s working, it’s still possible that the problem is relay fuse, theft immobilizer, neutral safety switch, battery connections, or computer. As always, your best source is going to be your area dealer service center. Short of removing the starter, a diagnosis generally includes a process of elimination.

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