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"The Nissan Giant."


Local Natives Create a New Stage with the Nissan Rogue

Sterling McCall Nissan is reaching out to the Stafford region's fellow hipsters.  We understand that you are busy, desperately searching for up and coming bands and reasons to go vegan.  And we understand that you have a lot of baggage with your bass, guitar, keyboard and who could forget the accordion.  You need something for the road and a long road at that as you head to all the music festivals you have planned…
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Enjoy a Sing-Along in a Nissan Sentra

Would you sing along if your Lyft driver suddenly broke into song? Well, you'd certainly be more likely to in a new 2014 Nissan Sentra. The Sentra is a car that makes you want to sing thanks to its incredible fuel economy, spacious cabin and tech-driven features.

The 2014 Sentra is powered by a 4-cylinder engine that delivers impressive fuel efficiency of 39/30 mpg highway/city due in large part to its standard…

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Take the "Ride of Your Life" in Nissan Altima

You wouldn't expect an average family sedan to deliver the exhilarating performance on the race track, but the new 2015 Nissan Altima is anything but boring and average.

Sure, the Altima provides plenty of punch with its standard 4-cylinder engine, but drivers that want the complete Altima experience should upgrade to the optional V6 engine. In addition to slick performance, the Altima comes through with strong gas mileage thanks to a standard continuously variable?

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What Do Nissan Autonomous Cars and A School of Fish Have in Common?

Nissan has been developing autonomous driving technology for quite some time. The original plan was to have it ready for the public by 2020, but now Renault-Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, is saying that these cars may be available in some places, like France, Japan, and the US, by 2018.

Nissan has started making commercials for these new cars, which gives us hope that we will see them on the road soon. This particular commercial?

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Nissan LEAF Reaches 50,000th Sold

What could be more fitting for Nissan LEAF's 50,000th sale than to be owned by a family named Bolt? We don't think anything. The family explains going electric, "We needed a fourth car (with) three drivers, so we started doing the math and it just made sense," said Todd Bolt1.

The Bolt family is from Dallas, Texas, which is now offering the "No Charge to Charge" promotion. The event offers?

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The Nissan LEAF Tears it up at a Very Reasonable Volume

If you think back to your childhood, most of the fun that you and your friends got to up to involved some noise. Being boisterous is all the rage when you're a kid, but as far as mom and dad were concerned, anything above a dull roar was a bit too much. So you had to find a way to have a blast without making too many bangs or booms along the way. Sure, it's a fine line, but we all got it done.

Now that we've grown, it's still fun to get away with a…

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The 2015 Nissan Murano Builds upon the Highlights of its Predecessor

At Sterling McCall Nissan, we certainly understand that it's important to have a comfortable, reliable, and safe vehicle for you and your family. Adding efficiency into the mix doesn't hurt one bit, either. However, we can help but notice that many other automakers are simply throwing in the towel on style these days.

Fortunately, the Nissan Murano gives you everything you look for in a family ride, with all kinds of style on...

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A Sneak Peek at the Next-Gen Nissan Murano

We are right smack in the middle of the Auto Show season right now and now that the clamor of the Geneva Motor Show has died down, the industry is turning to the Big Apple where the 2014 New York Auto Show will be held next month. Nissan has already decided to tease us by releasing a very short video that gives us a brief glimpse of the next-generation Nissan Murano.

While this video doesn…

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Nissan Sharpens Your Focus with New Rearview Camera Technology

You've seen the classic, "Objects in the mirror are closer than the appear" warning before. Meat Loaf took that message to heart back in '94, though he did cross up the language a bit. But hey, he got some radio play out of it and that was back in the pre-Fight Club post-Paradise by the Dashboard Light days for the actor/artist. Come to think of it, he seems to have a…

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